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Highly Effective, Carbon-Based

Carbon is fundamental to plants, soil, and soil microorganisms—an essential component to life. It has been said that “Healthy Microorganisms = Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Greater Yields,” and carbon forms the bridge between each of those. All of our liquid products use a carbon-based carrier to bring nutrients to soil microbes and into the plants themselves. Because plants and microbes are, fundamentally, carbon processors, our carbon-complexed nutrients are taken in faster and more effectively than other liquid fertilizers.

Versatile and Clean

Our liquid products can be applied directly to the roots, added via irrigation / fertigation / hydroponic systems, or foliar applied through spray or misting systems; can be applied with existing equipment; and can be used in both soil and soil-less systems. Fully water soluble, our liquid products can be mixed with most other organic crop inputs to save application time and cost. Our dry granular humic/fulvic acid products can be soil-applied in a variety of ways to build long-term soil fertility.

Full Line of Products

Crops need specific nutrition at different stages of growth. Fertilgold® Organics offers a comprehensive line of over 20 organic crop nutrition and protection products to meet those needs. We offer liquid plant nutrition products for immediate results at appropriate crop growth stages, dry humic and fulvic soil products for long-term soil-fertility building, and liquid biopesticide products for soil and foliar application.

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