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OMRI-Listed and CDFA Registered (California Organic), Fertilgold® Pulverized is a natural humic and fulvic acid product processed from naturally occurring, oxidized lignite. It provides a concentrated source of humic and fulvic acids and is a supplemental source of trace elements. Humic and fulvic acids add organic matter to soils—which stimulates soil microbial life and soil fertility, enhances plant nutrient availability and uptake, improves root development and root mass and growth, and increases crop quality and yield.

Fertilgold® Pulverized is pulverized to a powder (85% of particles are less than 50 mesh) and can be used for extraction for liquid humic or fulvic acid by chemical reaction. Fertilgold® Pulverized is a 79% humic/fulvic acid that can also be applied to all soils—broadcast in fall, post-harvest, or early spring—either pre-plant or with seed. Incorporation is not required. It can be applied in bands, either with seed, fertilizer, or after planting.

Benefits of Use:

  • Small granular size promotes even coverage/distribution of humic/fulvic acid for sustainable carbon benefit
  • Long-term soil organic-matter building
  • Increased water penetration
  • Increased flocculation of clays
  • Promotes conversion of fertilizer into plant-available food
  • Increases soil nutrient mineralization
  • Sustainable soil microbial activation

Deficiency Symptoms—When to Apply:

  • Low organic matter
  • Low-fertility soil
  • Continuous use, tired soils

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Package Size

(40) 50lb Bags

  • A dry humic and fulvic acid product pulverized to a powder (85% is less than 50 mesh)
  • Improves root mass and growth
  • Enhances nutrient availability and uptake
  • Stimulates higher crop yield and quality
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